Notice Of Annual General Meeting



The Annual General Meeting of Stewartry Bowling Association will be held on Thursday 14th November 2019 at 7.00pm in Castle Douglas Bowling Club.




Will anyone who has any proposal to put to the meeting please make sure the secretary has them by 31st October 2019

 so that they can be sent to all the other clubs.



Office Bearers for 2019

The AGM of the association was held on the 1st of November, the new office bearers for the 2019 season are:

President: Murray Wylie

Vice President: Hugh Robertson

Secretary/Treasurer: Ben Herries

Please note change of time for AGM tomorrow night (1/11/18).

 It is now at 7.15pm.

Notice of 2018 AGM

Notice Of Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of Stewartry Bowling Association will be held on Thursday 1st November 2018 at 7.15pm in Castle Douglas Bowling Club.


Will anyone (should read any club) who has any proposal to put to the meeting please make sure they are sent to Ben by 18th October 2018 so that they can be sent to all the other clubs.

KBA Cup format!!

Hi folks, I’ve had a couple of complaints from clubs regarding the KBA cup format that was changed at the last committee meeting due to it being missed out at the AGM.  Having had a couple of discussions with various people and reading our constitution, it appears we CANNOT change the KBA cup format for this season as the constitution states that all competition formats must be decided at an AGM.  I apologise for the mix up and accept the responsibility for it. The KBA cup format will remain the same as last year.  This will be brought up at the committee meeting on the 29th March at the Market Inn at 7PM.  If anyone wishes to speak to me about it before then then please give me a call on 07399489916.

 All the best,


Sponsorship Update

Following a meeting with sponsor Ian Bendall today I’m pleased to announce he is going to give an extra £500 towards new team jackets for this season, as well as £100 towards the bus to Glasgow.  This is also on top of his finals day sponsorship, this is a fantastic sponsorship!

 Martin & Green Builders have also given us £200 for this season in sponsorship.


Hi Folks, hope you are all well.  The next meeting will be on Thursday 25th of January at 7PM in the Market Inn, Castle Douglas.  As we have no secretary as yet, this will be first on the agenda.  Also, could you all please either bring or email me a list of players who are interested in playing in the Hamilton Trophy from your club so that I can pass this on to the Selection Committee.



Stewartry AGM

Note from Ben Herries on this years AGM

Office bearers for 2018:

 President:Ben Herries (Creetown)

Vice President: Murray Wylie (Kirkcudbright)

Secretary: We don’t really have one as yet, however Ben and Anne Tait will deal with things until such times as we find one

Treasurer: Anne Tait (Dalbeattie)

 Hamilton Trophy:

 We are going to commit to the Hamilton Trophy for 2018 and hope that by having 4 home games and also 2 of the away games being Dumfriesshire and Wigtownshire we can maybe get some more players together however time will tell, the selection committee from 2017 have all agreed to carry on in 2018 which I think is a good thing.


League Format:

The league was spoken about at great lengths with all clubs voicing an opinion about which proposal would suit them, with Spalding confirming that they may struggle to be able to get a team together for the 2018 league campaign, I then suggested following Wigtownshires’ format an allowing women to make up the numbers which was backed by Scott McCubbin however I was informed that this was not possible as I hadn’t put this in writing 2 weeks before the AGM.  So, after all the discussion it went to a vote on the league format and the clubs decided to keep the league the way it is for another year and it will also remain on a Tuesday for this season.

 I hope this information is useful and can be used for the website



Over 55 Inter County.

Hugh has asked me to put this letter from Rae Graham on the web for all you “Oldies” to have a look at. It will be on the agenda at the AGM.


The Hamilton Trophy North and East sections currently organise a Senior League along the same lines as the Hamilton Trophy, also, the West section is currently in the process of starting their own competition.

Therefore, if there is enough interest it may be viable to start a South section, it is appreciated that there are five teams in the South section that are also in the West section and they may not wish to enter two teams one in the West and one in the South.

If you can discuss with your Management Committee and Clubs/players and intimate by the 30th November if you would intend to enter a team.

If enough interest is shown a meeting can be arranged to discuss the finer details of the rules and regulations of the competition.  After this is decided each county can then decide if they wish to take part in the competition.

Listed below which is not exhaustive are items provided by the West section for consideration at the meeting


1.         Competition to be played on a league basis.

2.         2 points for win and 1 point for a draw.

3.         Games will be played by each Association consisting of four (five, six) teams of four Senior male members ( over 55 years or over on the 1st April).

(If enough entries we can split league in two)

4.         Winners of the event will be the Association with the highest point’s total, and in even of a tie the Association with the highest shots difference.

5.         The Final of event will be played by the section winners (again if enough entries)

6.         Competition to start ????????  which day , what time (agree at Meeting)

7.         Home Association to arrange venues to be near as possible to opponents area.

8.         Joining fee to set each year at meeting. (would suggest £30 for a start)

9.         Winning Association to be presented with appropriate players medals/ badges.

10.       Home Association to arrange a light snack to be served at end of game.


As you all can see there is some work to be done yet but this will depend on the South Association’s committing to the Senior League.


This work does not need to put extra pressure on County Secretaries, again this is up to each Association.


Rae Graham


Dumfriesshire Bowling Association

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