League Start date will be Tuesday 8th May


KBA cup format will be straight knockout this year, however the format will be 4 triples playing with 2-bowls, each club can put forward 1 or 2 teams


Stewartry Singles are held at Creetown this year on Sunday 24th June


Stewartry Triples are held at Dalbeattie on Sunday 12th August


Stewartry Finals day will be held at Creetown on Sunday 3rd September

KBA Cup Final

 Dalbeattie had a comprehensive win over Auchencairn in the KBA Cup at Spalding last night.

2 Bowls Pairs - Dalbeattie 21 - Auchencairn 17

4 Bowl Pairs - Dalbeattie 21 - Auchencairn 21

Triples - Dalbeattie 19 - Auchencairn 5

Fours - Dalbeattie 14 - Auchencairn 10


KBA Cup Results 12th May

KBT”B 78 v 49 Spalding

Gatehouse 45 v 90 Auchencairn

CD “B” 56 v 80 Creetown

Dalbeattie 70 v 55 CD “A”

 Semi-finals on Friday 19th May 2017

 KBT”B” v AUCHENCAIRN at Dalbeattie

 CREETOWN v DALBEATTIE at Kirkcudbright.

KBA Cup Results

KBA Cup games Friday 5th May Results:

 KBT “A” 55 v 61 KBT “B”, KBT “B” will now play Spalding at CD next Friday

 New Abbey 62 v 64 Auchencairn, Auchencairn will now play Gatehouse at Kirkcudbright next Friday.

KBA Cup Draw 2017

Friday 5th May   Friday 12th May   Friday 19th May   Friday 26th may        
KIRKCUDBRIGHT ‘B’                    
V    @ Kirkcudbright   KIRKCUDBRIGHT ‘B’                
KIRKCUDBRIGHT ‘A’   V    @ Castle Douglas   KIRKCUDBRIGHT ‘B’            
    SPALDING       AUCHENCAIRN        
NEW ABBEY       V            
V       @ Dalbeattie   AUCHENCAIRN                
AUCHENCAIRN   V     @ Kirkcudbright   AUCHENCAIRN            
            V  @ SPALDING        
    CASTLE DOUGLAS ‘A’                
  V      @ Auchencairn   DALBEATTIE            
        V   DALBEATTIE        
  CASTLE DOUGLAS ‘B’                
  V      @ Gatehouse   CREETOWN            
xxx xxx xxxx



Will New Abbey get revenge after their League defeat at Auchencairn on Tuesday night or will Auchencairn hold on to the Cup they won last year.

CastleDouglas     1 - 49 (0)points          v     Dalbeattie  72 shots -(2)points

NewAbbey          81 shots (2) points      v     Creetown  47  (0 )points

Section 2

Spalding              42 shots ( 0 )points        v  CastleDouglas2  90 shots (2 )points.

Auchencairn        66 shots  (2) points         v  Kirkcudbright 1   54 shots (0) points

Results from tonights KBAcup:-Section 1
Dalbeattie            45 shots (0)     v      NewAbbey  85 shots (2)

Kirkcudbright 2 -  68 shots (2)    v      CastleDouglas 1 - 65 shots (0)

Section 2

CastleDouglas 2-    48. shots (0).    v    Auchencairn. 76 shots (2)

Gatehouse -            48 shots(0)             v   Spalding  82 shots (2)

KBA Cup 2016

The KBA Cup will be played in 2 sections this year, with the winners of each section playing off in the Final.

Kirkcudbright2 V Creetown at Gatehouse   Gatehouse V Kirkcudbright1 at Creetown
68/2 65/0 37/0 75/2
CastleDouglas1 V New Abbey at Dalbeattie Spalding V Auchencairn at Kirkcudbright
72/2 50/0 59/0 63/2
Dalbeattie CastleDouglas2
13th MAY 13th MAY
New Abbey V Kirkcudbright 2 at CastleDouglas Auchencairn V Gatehouse at Spalding
66/2   62/0       66/2   64/0      
Creetown V Dalbeattie at Kirkcudbright Kirkcudbright 1 V CastleDouglas2 at Gatehouse
47/0   59/2       49/0   72/2      
Castle Douglas1           Spalding          
20th May 20th May
Dalbeattie V New Abbey @ Auchencairn CastleDougla2 V Auchencairn @ New Abbey
45/0 85/2 48/0 76/2
Kirkcudbright2 V CastleDouglas1 @ Creetown Gatehouse V Spalding @ Kirkcudbright
68/2 65/0 48/0 85/2
Creetown Kirkcudbright1
27th May 27th May
CastleDouglas1 V Dalbeattie @ New Abbey Spalding V CastleDouglas2 @ Auchencairn
49/0 72/2 42/0 90/2
New Abbey V Creetown @ CastleDouglas Auchencairn V Kirkcudbright1 @ Dalbeattie
81/2 47/0 66/2 54/0
Kirkcudbright2 Gatehouse
3rd June 3rd June
Creetown V CastleDouglas1 @ Auchencairn Kirkcudbright1 V Spalding @ Castle Douglas
Dalbeattie V Kirkcudbright2 @ Spalding CastleDouglas2 V Gatehouse @ Dalbeattie
10th June Winner Winner @ CastleDouglas



The winners of the KBA Cup played tonight (29thMay) were Auchencairn,

They beat Creetown 68 shots to 54.


Scott McCubbin & John Hunter 16  v  Stuart McClymont & Eddie McCulloch 13

The 2 Bowl Pairs was a close game tied 3 all after 5 ends, after 10 ends Auchencairn had a slight advantage at 8-5,Creetown then had a run of winning ends and by the 18th end lead by 12-11 but a 5 & 2 in the last 3 ends was enough to give Scott & John victory by 16-13.


J  McGarrie, Stuart Crossan & Andrew Shanks 7  v  I Carter, William Lindsay & Alan Johnston 13. The triples was a low scoring game with 11 of the 15 ends being won by a single shot. Creetown had the better start and lead 7-1 after5 ends, after 10ends it was 10-4 and finished 13-7 to Creetown.


Joe Caldow & Andy Briggs 27  v  Alan McClymont & Eric Houston 12

The 4 Bowl pairs was a good game to watch with lots of good heads and bowls. Alan & Eric will still be wondering what went wrong. After 5 ends Auchencairn lead 9-4, Auchencairn won 10 shots in 3 ends and after 10 ends they had stretched it to 19-8 and by 15 it was 26-9 and the game finished 27-12.


Laurie Little, Stuart Gilliland, Bert Little & Billy Malcolmson 18    v  Alastair Herries, Jim Maginess, Colin Moffat & Roy Wilkinson 16.

The Fours was another close game, Creetown lead 6-3 after 5 ends but by 10 ends Auchencairn had got in front and lead 12-9, by 15 ends it was 17-16 to Auchencairn. A single in the next end to Auchencairn was enough for Auchencairn to win the KBA Cup so the last end was conceded in favour of some hospitality and getting out of the cold.


Stewartry Vice President Scott Davies presented the KBA Cup to Auchencairn President Scott McCubbin and thanked Umpire William Thomson and Auchencairn for hosting the final.

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